Our Story

      "Olivolja" is the Swedish word for olive oil.  We chose the name Olivolja Ltd because the Scandinavian values of purity, honesty, and simplicity reflect the values of our brand, and what this oil means to us. 

     Our unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil, rises from Palma Di Montechiaro; a famous stronghold within the province of Agrigento, Sicily.  Here lies a co-op of olive groves that has been in our family for generations. It was once the property of the Tomasi family, an ancient Sicilian noble breed of poets, saints and literates who settled the town of Palma di Montechiaro in 1637. From fathers to sons, passion and dedication to the olive oil culture has been passed down through the generations.  

     Joe Vinciguerra, president of Olivolja Ltd, grew up on this co-op as a young boy.  Joe remembers enjoying olive oil from jugs under the table as a staple of every meal throughout his childhood. 

     The land is positioned off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea near mud and underwater volcanic activity.  Because of the co-ops unique location, the  soil is rich with sulfuric and volcanic properties that fertilize and nourish the olive groves to thrive and flourish naturally, without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  

     The ancient traditions of the co-op's families are constantly innovated with new state-of-the-art technologies. Olio Provenzani, the bottlers of Olivolja's oil, were one of the first of Italy to use an advanced cold-storage system in special steel bins in order to preserve all the peculiar organoleptic qualities as the olive oil is freshly grounded. The olives are ground and cold-pressed immediately, with careful maintenance of temperature preservation.  

     Every variation of Olivolja Ltd oils are all natural, non-gmo, gluten free, never blended with other oils, and free from pesticides.  And our infused flavors are all natural as well.  We focus on quality control in every step, drop by drop, to create a superior-class, extra virgin olive oil.  And now, as the North American distributors, we can offer the same fine product from Siciliy that we've treasured for generations at an affordable price.  

 Welcome to Olivolja Ltd, the culture of olive oil!

Watch the bottling process to now below.


Olivolja LTD frequents events, markets and fairs.  Come meet the team, taste the product, and take advantage of pop-up promotions!
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